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Taylor County RECC offers Online Billing. You can make payments easily and securily online.

Click here to go to Online Billing.

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Taylor County RECC is offering Automatic Bank Draft for all customers, no matter where you bank.

You can avoid the hassle of writing out your monthly utility payment by authorizing an automatic bank draft from your checking or savings account.

It saves time and the expense of postage, envelopes and gasoline.

A bill is sent to your home in plenty of time before the debit and you maintain complete control over payment. You may revoke your Automatic Bill Payment authorization at any time.

You can enroll in this service by stopping by our office and asking for an authorization form. Or we can mail a form to you. Click here to download the form (pdf).

Automatic Bill Payment—another service of Taylor County RECC

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Residential deposits retained for more than eighteen (18) months will be recalculated based on actual usage, upon the consumer’s request.

If recalculated, and the deposit on account differs by more than ten (10) dollars from the deposits calculated on actual usage, the Cooperative shall refund any over collection and may collect any underpayment. Refunding may be made by check or by credit to the consumer’s bill.

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  1. Payments for service should be made with check or money order and mailed to Taylor County RECC, P.O. Box 100, Campbellsville, KY  42719. Do not send cash.
  2. Payments may also be made at the PBI bank in Greensburg, KY.
  3. A night deposit is available for those unable to make payments during regular office hours.
  4. Payments may be made by Visa or Master Card.

Bills will be mailed to consumers about the 6th of each month. Electric bills are to be paid upon receipt or no later than the due date on the bill. Payment received after 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on the last WORKING day of the month are subject to a 5% penalty. Each member is responsible for providing a correct mailing address at all times.

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Taylor County RECC has a budget payment plan available for its residential consumers. The monthly budget payment will be determined by Taylor County RECC based on a minimum of one-twelfth of the estimated annual usage, subject to review and adjustment during the budget year. The budget year is the twelve- (12) month period July-June with the settlement month being June. Members should sign up in May of each year. Click here to download the form (pdf).

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If you receive a disconnect notice, take immediate steps to contact the Cooperative  office to arrange for payment. When an employee is required to make a trip for the purpose of collecting a delinquent bill, returned check, etc., a $35.00 service charge will result.


A $25.00 handling charge will be added to all returned checks.

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A reconnect charge of fifty dollars ($50.00) during regular working hours or ninety dollars ($90.00) for after regular working hours may be assessed to reconnect a service which has been terminated for non-payment of bills or violations of the Cooperative’s rules or Public Service Commission regulations.

In addition to the payment of the delinquent bill, a service charge and a deposit must be paid. You will be charged for all KWH used on the meter at the time of disconnect.

Regular working hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, except on Legal Holidays when the office will be closed.

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