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Each prospective consumer desiring electric service shall be required to sign the Cooperative’s standard form of application for membership and any supplemental contract required by the Cooperative before service is supplied.

Click here to download the PDF.

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You can open an account with Taylor County RECC by visiting our office on 625 West Main Street, Campbellsville, KY.  When you are requesting service, please provide the following information:

Meter number (Located on aluminum tag on meter face)
Name of previous occupant
Name of nearest neighbor

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A deposit is required for any member or customer before electric service will be supplied. Consumer deposits shall be based upon actual usage history at the service location for the most recent 12 month period, if such information is available. The deposit amount shall not exceed 2/12 of the location’s actual or estimated annual bill. Accounts disconnected for nonpayment are subject to a deposit before service can be restored.

Deposits will be returned after two (2) years if the customer has established a satisfactory payment record for that period and the customer requests the refund.

Residential deposits retained for more than eighteen (18) months will be recalculated based on actual usage, upon the consumer’s request.

If recalculated, and the deposit on account differs by more than ten (10) dollars from the deposits calculated on actual usage, the Cooperative shall refund any over-collection and may collect any underpayment. Refunding may be made by check or by credit to the consumer’s bill.

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All rates, rules, and regulations administered by Taylor County RECC are under approval and direction of the Kentucky Public Service Commission. Rate schedules and a complete copy of the Rules and Regulations are available from the Cooperative office upon request.

Ky Public Service Commission for Taylor County RECC rates (PDF)

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If you plan to increase your service capacity, add electric heat, central air, add new services such as homes, barns, mobile homes, and camps, you should contact the Cooperative’s engineering department in advance. It is possible that the existing transformer may not be able to carry the added load. It is very important that the engineers be notified in advance due to costs that may be involved and work scheduling.

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The Cooperative shall comply with state and local codes, rules and regulations regarding inspections. A new home is required by law to have the wiring inspected before the electricity can be turned on.

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Taylor County RECC has digital meters for all our members that will automatically provide usage readings, evaluate system usage 24 hours a day, better respond to outages and determine overloads before they cause damages. Members are no longer responsible for reading their own meters. The meters will be read on the last day of the month.

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Meters are precision instruments and have a high degree of accuracy. All meters are tested prior to installation and tested periodically in accordance with the Kentucky Public Service Commission rules and regulations. Members requesting a meter test between regular test periods are required to pay a meter test fee of $40.00.  If the meter is found to be more than 2% fast or slow, the meter test will be refunded and the bill adjusted. If the meter is found to be correct, no refund or adjustment will be made.

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If you receive a disconnect notice, take immediate steps to contact the Cooperative  office to arrange for payment. When an employee is required to make a trip for the purpose of collecting a delinquent bill, returned check, etc., a $35.00 service charge will result.


A $25.00 handling charge will be added to all returned checks.

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Prior to moving, please notify the office three days in advance, because it is not always possible to disconnect service the same day a request is made. When notifying our office, please give your account number, the way the account is listed, forwarding address and date you want the service disconnected. Otherwise, we would continue to bill you for service after you have moved. Your bill is terminated on the date the serviceman makes the disconnection. Your forwarding address is needed to forward your final bill and/or refund your deposit.

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Touchstone Energy ®Home
Button-Up Program
Air-to-Air Heat Pump Rebate Program
Budget Billing
Automatic Bank Draft
Kentucky Living Co-op Hi-Lights Insert
Energy Audits
Reality Store/Check
American Private Enterprise (APES)
Washington Youth Tour
Frankfort Youth Tour

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Click link below for the Tariff on Net Metering. The application for Net Metering may be requested by contacting Taylor County RECC, P.O. Box 100 Campbellsville, KY 42719. The phone numbers to call are 1 800 931-4551 or 270 465-4101.

Net Metering Tariff (PDF/2MB)

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Be Prepared - A Checklist for Winter Readiness

Click link below for a checklist for Winter Readiness

Be Prepared - A Checklist for Winter Readiness (PDF)

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Notice of Filing

Click the link below to download the public notice that ran in the local newspapers along with a hyperlink to the location on the Kentucky Public Commission's website where the tariff is available (807 KAR 5:001, Section 8 (1)(b).


Customer Notice (PDF)

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